I have a confession to make. Today I could not face any update on the Covid-19 pandemic, could not face hearing of more infections, more deaths. I have other things on my mind today, family concerns closer to home and no way to give the hugs that are so badly needed. Today I’m feeling the full force of social distancing and it hurts. So I picked up my camera and I went for a walk, alone, as allowed for my one daily exercise in the fresh air.

Fighting back tears I felt the warm sun on my face, smelled the salty sea air, listened to the birds above the vastly reduced traffic noise, and looked around at the beautiful landscape where I am lucky enough to live. The canal path is wide enough to pass others while maintaining a safe distance between you, and everyone I met today was also being sensible and considerate.For an hour or so I walked and photographed, and afterwards I felt a bit better.

This difficult situation will not last forever, and what matters most is that we all do what we can to get through it as best we can… ❤

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Confession

Sunday Stroll: Along the Canal

What a wonderful predicament I find myself in this afternoon – I took so many pleasing shots of the beautiful landscape heading along towards the mouth of the Caledonian Canal earlier, I’m seriously struggling to choose which to share today. So I think I’ll plan to use them for more than one post, and extend my enjoyment of sharing my Sunday walk with you 🙂

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Predicament

Ness Bank

Sometimes I take a random pic (one of many) while out and about where I find the whole thing particularly aesthetically appealing. I’ve no idea why this image appeals to me so much – but then beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. I think it’s the way the trees and the bridge and the river just come together that works so well for me. I’ve processed it in black and white too, and for me the monochrome version looks just as good! 🙂

Weekly Prompt: Aesthetically Appealing

Along the Riverbank

In between squally rain/ sleet/ snow showers I went for a welcome walk along the side of the River Ness in Inverness earlier on and took a few pictures to share – as you can see the river is quite high, but still well within its natural breathing space. Mind you, these poor daffodils along the riverbank are getting their feet a bit wet! 🙂