Cee’s Fun Foto: Red

A selection of red images from my archive – all taken in Leytonstone, East London in July, just before our move to Scotland 🙂

Cee’s Fun Foto: Red


Homes and Houses

A row of Victorian terraced houses, a three-storey town house, a post-war block of flats and a modern apartment block – oh, and a House of God, just for good measure 🙂

Corner Shops Big and Small

The Victorians seem to have been big on building local corner shops into the fabric of their terraced housing, where the entrance is set into the cut-off corner itself, on a diagonal to the rest of the walls – we actually live in a flat where the original building was once a Victorian corner shop plus accommodation (converted to three individual flats in the 1980’s) 🙂

Hitchcock Begins

Famous film director Alfred Hitchcock was born here in Leytonstone in 1899 – his family ran a grocer’s shop on the High Road. However, if you were to try to find the exact building you’d be disappointed, because it no longer exists! There’s a clue you’re close to the spot on the nearest building – it’s covered in huge painted birds – and right next to it there’s a rather ordinary Jet petrol station. And on the wall of that petrol station is a blue plaque stating that Hitchcock was born ‘near this site’ 🙂

Let’s ‘ave a butcher’s…

‘Butcher’s Hook’ is Cockney rhyming slang for ‘look’ – so ‘Let’s ‘ave a butcher’s’ means ‘Let’s have a look’, which is a silly play on words on my images of a delivery of whole carcasses to be butchered into joints for selling on to the rest of us to buy and eat. Not necessarily something you expect to see every day while out for a walk around Leytonstone in East London, but I asked if it was OK to take a few pics and the guys were very obliging 🙂