28 Days Later

No, not a zombie apocalypse movie but 28 Covid-related thoughts 28 days after testing positive…

  • So amazingly relieved and thankful that, having spent the entirety of January with Covid, I haven’t had any symptoms severe enough to warrant a hospital stay of any kind – result!
  • I know I’m finally starting to feel properly better now but surprisingly, considering I’ve had such relatively ‘light touch’ symptoms in the grander scheme of things, more flu-like than pneumonia for me –  I’m still not fully recovered
  • Recovery is confusing – apparently after your 10 days self-isolation you are no longer infectious UNLESS you still have a high temperature, in which case you should wait until you are 48 hours clear of any fever
  • However the ongoing cough and lack of taste can continue for several weeks afterwards so that’s OK and doesn’t count
  • Suffice to say I left it for quite a bit longer than the required 10 days before venturing out, just to be sure
  • Because I haven’t had a high temperature at any point in this illness
  • And I cough all the time anyway – but at least now I’m actually starting to cough stuff up
  • Even now I can still ‘taste’ it sitting stubbornly right at the back of my throat
  • Actually it’s pretty much the only thing I can taste clearly – everything else is bland with a hint of salt, bland with a hint of sweetness, or bland with a hint of spice
  • But I can now smell stuff reasonably ok – strange, I thought taste and smell were inextricably linked?
  • Food smells nice again, so I taste it with the anticipation of full flavour yet sadly it still tastes disappointing
  • I’m still eating enough though – probably too much – comfort food and all that
  • And I’m still resting lots – I still get too tired and out of breath too easily to do much else
  • Who knew that having a shower, washing my hair, and getting dressed would count as exertion?
  • Or cooking a basic meal, or washing up afterwards?
  • I keep on challenging myself though, and I’m managing to do a bit more each day before I need to stop and rest – hooray!
  • Rest is the best – the sofa is my saviour, complete with cuddly comfort blanket
  • Convalescence is such an old-fashioned word, but it’s definitely time for a fashionable come-back
  • No hugs from my husband while I was self-isolating and feeling so unwell was horrible, but it was so worth the sacrifice
  • How amazing that I didn’t pass the virus on to him
  • With so much time to think about it I wonder constantly why some people seem to catch Covid relatively easily and others not at all?
  • Or why some people get really sick and others hardly feel ill at all?
  • Even now it feels more like the luck of the draw than anything else, a weird kind of respiratory Russian roulette that for once has left me dodging the bullet
  • Even though I got off amazingly lightly I really don’t want to risk getting it again
  • So now I wonder just how long my post-infection immunity will last
  • What about all these new variants, will I have any natural immunity to them?
  • Or did I maybe catch one of the new variants anyway?
  • Either way I’m looking forward to getting my Covid vaccine a soon as it’s offered to me – and the sooner the better

To Do Lists

I was going to write that I really like making to-do lists, but it’s probably a lot more accurate to say I like specifically to be able to check things off my to-do lists. I have even been known to include as the first item something already done, so I have the pleasure of ticking it off immediately 🙂

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Check

Five Things I Miss During Lockdown

Dr Tanya at Salted Caramel asks us to list five things we missed during lockdown.

As here in Scotland we are technically still in lockdown, with only a minimal easing of restrictions to date, I’m writing my list in the present tense 🙂

Hugs – Of course I can (and do!) still hug my husband several times a day, but I really miss hugging my kids and grandkids and my parents, and also my friends and work colleagues and all other huggable people in my life. I’m usually a really huggy person, so I’m finding this lack of everyday human touch really difficult to deal with.

Pub lunches – I miss being able to say ‘Stuff cooking today, let’s go to the pub for lunch’ and actually doing it – sigh!

Going out for the day – It doesn’t matter where, just the freedom to decide to go out somewhere – anywhere – and be around other people and not have to worry about personal proximity or face coverings or potentially catching a virus that might kill us.

Work – Yes I know, strange as it seems I miss physically going to work. There’s a familiarity to the daily routine of going out to work to earn a living that furlough just doesn’t recreate, even though I’m still receiving 80% of my usual salary just to stay at home.

Time off – Crazy though it sounds, I really miss that feeling of having ‘time off’, even though you could argue that technically I have infinite time off at the moment. But I think for me that’s the point – in order to really appreciate and enjoy the finite quality of ‘time off’, it feels to me that I have to have something to have time off from 🙂

Ten of my Favourite Feelings

Fandango has offered us the chance to post a list of ten of our favourite feelings. The more I think about which favourites I might choose, the more I realise there are tons to choose from across my lifetime, some big, some small – so here goes with the first ten that spring to mind!

1 The amazement of realising I was pregnant for the first time – I was 18, and the knowledge of what was happening inside my body felt exciting and scary in equal measure. But I knew in that moment that one way or another my life would change forever, which of course it did.

2 The ocean of maternal love for each newborn baby I felt flooding my system immediately after childbirth – however knackered and sore I felt physically, for me that remains one of the most powerful feelings in the world. It may well have something to do with a chemical rush of hormones created due to the unavoidable internal imbalance as a newly-made part of your body you’ve been carefully growing and nurturing for nine months is violently expelled in one fell swoop to create a brand new person, but it’s an intensity of feeling I’ve certainly never forgotten ❤

3 The strangely unstoppable feeling of pressure release as warm milk flows unbidden from your body whenever your baby cries, or even when you’re lying soaking in a bath, and obviously as your baby suckles so rhythmically. Regrettably for me long-term breast-feeding was not a success with any of my three children, but I try to comfort myself with the knowledge that at least I tried with each one before I failed.

4 The additional layer of maternal love I felt for each precious grandchild when they were born – seriously, two people who once grew inside of me have grown their own babies from nascent egg-sacs initially created inside of them as they grew inside of me – mind blown!

5 The feeling of achievement I felt on gaining my First Class Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree at the ripe old age of 40 – I’d got married young, pretty much straight out of school, so only returned to my studies in later life once my children had grown up.

6 The thrill of looking out onto a spectacular rumbling thunderstorm with its torrential rain, the electric awe of watching lightning crack and flash across the sky while staying safe and dry and warm indoors.

7 The soothing hypnotic feeling of watching and hearing the soft swoosh of waves wash onto the shore in nature’s own tidal rhyming scheme, accompanied by the salty smell of the bracing sea air filling my lungs.

8 The sated satisfaction of enjoying good food, then feeling replete and relaxed afterwards.

9 The natural intimacy of sharing human touch in all its everyday forms, from handshakes through hugs to sex as appropriate.

10 The fundamental feeling of comfort and well-being found in snuggling down safe and warm in your own bed at night, especially with freshly-laundered sheets… sheer bliss! 🙂

Forty for Forty

Forty random thoughts after forty days of lockdown…

  1. Introverts like living quiet at home

2. Pyjamas make great all-day day-wear

3. I don’t mind the ‘at home’ bit of being stuck at home for the duration, but I’m not so keen on the ‘stuck’ bit

4. Sometimes isolations sucks

5. Even introverts miss everyday interactions with other people

6. Smiling from a safe distance is better than nothing

7. ‘Clapping for Carers’ on my doorstep is the social highlight of my week

8. I miss my family so much

9. Hugs are a precious resource

10. People matter far more than things

11. I really love living in our house

12. Routines are really important for me

13. Housework can be surprisingly fulfilling at times

14. Newly-washed clothes smell lovely and fresh-air-y when dried outside on the line

15. Having a garden to spend time in when the weather’s nice is absolutely brilliant

16. I love the smell of freshly-mown grass, even though it gives me hay-fever

17. Having a conservatory to spend time in when it’s raining outside is a real bonus

18. Learning to look after plants is fun

19. Having loads of time to read without feeling guilty is an added pleasure

20. I’m finding it surprisingly hard to motivate myself to read right now

21. My collection of colouring in books remain uncreatively uncoloured for now

22. The more television channels there are to choose from, the less I can find that I actually want to watch

23. Listening to the radio reminds me of growing up

24. Singing along to old songs on the radio can really lifts my spirits

25. Not doing and just being is absolutely ok at times

26. Days off are far more fun if there’s actually something to be having a day off from

27. Too much uninterrupted free time starts to become tiresome after a while

28. Nature abhors a vacuum

29. Birdsong is beautiful

30. We regularly see five different types of birds in our garden

31. Flowers don’t care about the pandemic

32. I love walking in nature, it always grounds me

33. The stimulating, saline smell of crisp sea air fills my nose with happy memories

34. Sunshine gladdens my heart

35. Rain comforts me in my misery

36. Silence is golden

37. Loneliness feels so empty, echoing like a cold cavernous cave, dark and depressing

38. Better six feet apart than six feet under

39. Coronavirus is cruel

40. Now is not forever…