After the Rain

Sorry it’s not a better image of the raindrops on the bus top deck front window and the sun shimmering on the wet road at the bus stop outside Inverness Airport the other day – I only had my phone with me, an it’s really not a great camera in dodgy light, but I kind of like the moody, broody atmosphere created in this shot 🙂

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Better

Crane for Lifting Boats?

Cee’s Black & White Challenge this week asks for only one, two or three wheels on display, so instead of going for a moving vehicle I’ve chosen this image of a crane that is maybe used for lifting boats out of the water? It sits on the quayside next to multiple leisure boat moorings, quietly doing its own thing. Anyway, whatever it is used for, luckily for me there are three wheels showing on this wheel-and-pulley system so it seemed to be the perfect fit! 🙂