Canal Overflow

There was certainly water, water everywhere at the farthest Beauly Firth end of the Caledonian Canal yesterday – this tide was out, and the last sea-lock was so full the water was noisily overflowing the top of the lock-gate like a proper waterfall 🙂

Water, Water Everywhere

Photo a Week

Lockdown Walkabout

The weekend challenge on Weekly Prompts is ‘Walkabout’, inviting us to share some of our permitted outdoor exercise routes during lockdown.

I’ve already shared many of my regular walks, and am really lucky to have plenty of options so I decided to ring the changes and make a little monochrome gallery of my favourite places to walk for now, dependent on my mood and the weather and whether I fancy a slow leisurely stroll or something infintely more bracing.

Inverness sits on Scotland’s north-east coast, and has both a canal and a river running through it. So from my house I can easily walk along the canal, around the cemetery, through the woods, by the water’s edge or across the river – all spaces reasonably close to home where social distancing is safely achievable 🙂