Fun with Flowers

This afternoon I decided to have some fun with flowers and play about a bit with a few of my images, getting creative with deliberate camera shake and motion blur – I really like some of the results, they can look quite artistic and are certainly a little different to the standard sharp shots I prefer to take 🙂

Moving Water

It’s fun to play about with slower exposures and moving water, although sometimes I find it’s hard to achieve the actual creative effect I visualise in my mind’s eye before pressing the shutter. But last month’s storms with such heavy rainfall left a swollen river ripe for capturing, and these are some of my favourite more artistic shots from the worst of it. It was snowing a bit, so the sky was relatively dark, and the water was flowing so fast it was possible to hand hold the camera and still succeed with minimal camera shake 🙂

Water Water Everywhere

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Visualise


No not watercolour paintings, but the true colours of actual fast-moving river water captured in long exposure shots flowing under a bridge. Hand-held, because I didn’t have my mini tripod with me, but I’m happy enough with the way they turned out 🙂

Motion Blur Mistake

Usually with photography it’s getting stuff right that makes me smile, but yesterday it was getting stuff wrong! I’d been playing about with long exposure settings to try to create arty-farty motion blur in images of water, and turned round to see a workman in bright orange jacket cleaning the pavement behind me. I automatically lifted my camera to snap a quick candid shot but forgot I had motion blur settings on, so got this wonky result for my efforts! He’d moved on by the time I reset my camera, but I kept the blurry shot to remind me of the moment simply because it made me laugh. Oh dear! 🙂

Weekly Smile

All a Bit of a Blur…

Springtime walks to see the local bluebells in Chalet Wood are a bit of an annual pilgrimage for me – every year I take my camera and take some new pictures and, lovely though they are, looking back over my cumulative collection I can see they’re all much of a muchness with nothing really to show which year is which (apart from the image data and which particular camera I’ve used). So after taking my usual picturesque shots this afternoon (watch this space), I also played about with deliberately blurring some shots to see how that looked, and I’m really pleased with the results. A bit trippy to look at, but fun nonetheless 🙂

Taken in Chalet Wood, Wanstead Park, East London

Between Motion Blur and Camera Shake

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While out for a winter woodland walk in Inverness last week, I took a few shots of a fast-flowing stream (or a burn, as we call it in Scotland – this one is the Holm Burn). It looked so lovely from where I stood looking down from the little low bridge crossing over it I thought it might be fun to try an impromptu motion blur effect with a slow-ish shutter speed, but I didn’t find it as easy as I’d thought…

I had no tripod with me (as I was just out for an everyday walk) so everything was taken hand-held, with the helpful support of the bridge structure itself.  The first ‘ordinary’ shot was taken at f5, 1/50 sec, and the second ‘motion blur’ shot at f14, 1/5 sec – but trying to keep the camera steady for even that short period of time was surprisingly hard, especially in the freezing cold weather.

I took several different shots, trying several different settings, but this was probably the best of the lot – finding that fine line between motion blur and camera shake was a frustrating blend of trial and error – and without a tripod I’ve found it’s all a lot harder than it looks 🙂

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Easy