Landscapes of Home

‘I think the kind of landscape that you grew up in, it lives with you. I don’t think it’s true of people who’ve grown up in cities so much; you may love a building, but I don’t think that you can love it in the way that you love a tree or a river or the colour of the earth; it’s a different kind of love.’ – Arundhati Roy

One liner Wednesday

Is the End of May the End of May?

Is the end of May the end of May?

The headline on yesterday’s Evening Standard (free London newspaper) reported that Theresa May’s last chance (fourth) attempt at getting her ill-fated Brexit deal voted through Parliament may be off altogether. According to this morning’s news, if she refuses to give up on her clearly unsupported deal there may now be a second no-confidence vote in her leadership of the Conservative party in the offing to prevent her vote from taking place… And to add insult to injury for Mrs May, Leader of the House Andrea Leadsom has now resigned from the Government, saying she cannot bring to the House a paper she cannot agree with… It all feels a bit deja vu, the demise of Maggie Thatcher’s Prime Ministerial reign all over again… Which leads to my one-liner question, is the end of May the end of May?

One Liner Wednesday