Virgin Snow

“The first fall of snow is not only an event, it is a magical event. You go to bed in one kind of a world and wake up in another quite different.”

J.B. Priestly

PS Images courtesy of my husband, via his mobile phone 🙂

One Liner Wednesday


Striking the Wrong Note

I’m currently watching Prime Minister’s Questions live on TV, and yet again I find myself shouting at the TV as Prime Minister Rishi Sunak yet again comments disparagingly on what he sees as the problematic power of the Trade Unions.

He talks about the Trade Unions (and their individual members currently striking across many different professions) in direct opposition to the members of the public, effectively ‘othering’ a huge sub-section of people and undermining their right to fight for a financially manageable existence.

And yet who actually uses these striking public services daily – currently NHS nurses, ambulance drivers, train drivers, state school teachers? Oh, that’s right – NHS workers, public transport workers, and teachers, all of whom are genuine members of the public being disadvantaged by the strikes.

But who is not affected by these strikes? People with private healthcare, who send their children to private schools, who drive cars (or have cars driven for them). People like many MPs, especially people like our very rich Prime Minister. So inevitably I end up screaming angrily at the TV:

‘Trade Union members are members of the public too, you privileged idiot!’

One Liner Wednesday

Afraid of the Dark

‘Don’t be afraid of the dark’

I realise that my growing need for learning to create more light in my tentative paintings requires adding more moody darks to my artistic endeavours – I seem to shy away from applying truly dark colours, afraid of muddying the waters too much, and yet I can also see it it is only in the dramatic juxtaposition of strongest dark next to softest light that the true luminescence of water-colour painting appears… 🙂

One Liner Wednesday

A Vagina or a Voice

‘Let’s face it, it’s like, you’ve either got a vagina or a voice, you don’t seem to have both, do you?’

Sharon Moore

Comment from a BBC report on women’s health in relation to female medical conditions, discussing how many women still feel dismissed or not taken seriously by health professionals…

One Liner Wednesday

PMQs: Tories Hit the Blues

Today in the House of Commons the Leader of the Opposition Sir Keir Starmer stood at the dispatch box and questioned the ever-growing number of Tory Government resignations since yesterday, asking ‘Isn’t this the first recorded case of sinking ships leaving the rat?’.

He then went on to refer to the hurriedly re-shuffled Cabinet as ‘The charge of the light-weight brigade‘ which even had a few front-bench Tories smirking…

One Liner Wednesday