One Liner Wednesday (On Thursday Again!)

I’m a right One Liner Wednesday Tail-End Charlie these days – I do usually think about it on Wednesdays, but then suddenly I find it’s Thursday and I’ve not posted anything yet – sigh! 😦


The Ultimate Jane Austen Placard

Fifty-two percent Pride and Prejudice, forty-eight percent Sense and Sensibility – the ultimate Jane Austen placard’… ‘They need a bit of Persuasion, though’

An excellent exchange between Andrew Marr and Emily Maitlis on last Sunday’s Andrew Marr Show while reviewing the papers – the discussion was about placards seen at Saturday’s People’s Vote March (regarding the current Parliamentary Brexit deadlock) that took place in London. Andrew was commenting on the witty wording on one particular placard, and quick as a flash, Emily provided the clever quip at the end… 🙂

One-Liner Wednesday

One Liner Wednesday: National Treasure

Ok, so I’m a day late with my One Liner Wednesday, it’s Thursday already… oops!

Yesterday morning on the ITV Breakfast programme Piers Morgan was enjoying having a good-hearted getting his own back at his guest, comedian Jack Whitehall, who has a penchant for always sniping at Piers during his stand-up comedy routines. Piers was ribbing Jack for ‘mocking a national treasure’ and quick as you like Jack quipped back ‘You’re not a national treasure, Piers – you’re a regional trinket at best!’ 🙂

Now and on the Never-Never

Whatever happened to cutting your coat to suit your cloth?

Nowadays everyone seems to spend whatever amount they like on all sorts of things and to hell with worrying about getting into a perpetual spiral of personal debt. Instant gratification seems to mean everyone stops trying to save for stuff before paying for it up-front (and so waiting patiently for what they want) – the immediate accumulation of possessions now and on the never-never is apparently the new norm…

One-Liner Wednesday

One Liner Wednesday: Colouring In

“Life lesson from the nursery: Broken crayons can still colour” – Author unknown

Sometimes I feel a bit like a broken crayon, stunted and blunted and scarred by life, so it’s nice to be reminded I can still function effectively in the world.

My mum recently gave me a new colouring book plus a set of matching postcards to colour in too, and I’m really looking forward to getting started… watch this space! 🙂 20181219_1024371191503426.jpg

One Liner Wednesday