Canal Overflow

There was certainly water, water everywhere at the farthest Beauly Firth end of the Caledonian Canal yesterday – this tide was out, and the last sea-lock was so full the water was noisily overflowing the top of the lock-gate like a proper waterfall 🙂

Water, Water Everywhere

Photo a Week

Through the Looking Glass

I don’t (yet!) have a proper photographic lensball like Jez (any perceived hint of covetousness is purely imaginary, honest…!), but when Nancy Merrill posted her Photo A Week Challenge on the topic of ‘glass’ I decided to be creative and experiment with the nearest equivalent I do have to hand at home right now – basically a plain glass paperweight with air bubbles trapped artistically inside the sphere.

Sadly I think there’s far too much going on within this particular ball of glass for it to work as brilliantly I’d hoped, but at least I had fun trying – this is the nearest I got to having the flower even the slightest bit in focus, and I actually kind of like the overall blurry effect… 🙂

My New Neighbourhood

We’ve recently moved from London to Inverness, and have bought a house close to the Northernmost end of the Caledonian Canal… this is the view from Muirtown Locks, the part of the canal we see right at the end of our road 🙂

This afternoon I took a walk further along the path leading towards the mouth of the canal, where it meets the sea of the Beauly Firth…

At the mouth of the canal there is a huge stone welcoming everyone to the Caledonian Canal…

And some interesting sea-worthy structures to photograph…

I can see I’m going to enjoy living in our new home in Inverness! 🙂

Photo A Week Challenge: In the Neighbourhood