Clachnaharry Signal Box

The old wood-built, tin-roofed Clachnaharry signal box plus wooden fence and gate leading across the single track on the main railway line travelling northwards from Inverness – perfect for this week’s Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge and Nancy’s Photo a Week Challenge: Fences or Gates 🙂

Flowers in the Rain

It was already raining heavily when I woke up early this morning, now it’s almost 5pm and it has rained on and off all day – sadly way more on than off so far.

The skies have stubbornly remained a heavy, dull rain-cloud grey for the duration and sadly the sun has been totally missing in action today, leaving the garden plants happily saturated but my mood damp and dismal, feeling miserable and chilled to the bone.

Still, I nipped out quickly between the rainstorms and took a couple of pictures to see how they turned out – actually not bad in such poor light 🙂

Flower of the Day

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Caledonian Canal: Clachnaharry Sea Lock

One of my favourite walks close to home in Inverness is to tramp along to the very end of the Caledonian Canal where it finally meets the sea at Clachnaharry Sea Lock. I’m a creature of habit so walk here a lot, sometimes with my camera and sometimes just my phone, and tend to take very similar photographs every time I go. I’d really struggle to choose a favourite image out of all I’ve ever taken because I genuinely love them all in different ways. The scenery remains pretty much the same every time, but the weather changes along with the seasons and the tides. This morning it was dry and cloudy with intermittent sunny spells but OMG it was really windy – my hair was whipping about in all directions and was in knots when I got home! 🙂

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Faded Roses

I think these really will be the last pics of the beautiful cut roses bought for me by my husband on 27th December last year – I’m absolutely amazed they’re still in such reasonable condition considering they’re now all of three weeks old. I’ve topped them up with fresh water every couple of days but other than that it’s all down to nature.

The colours are definitely fading and they’re getting more than a little tatty and brown around the edges, so it’s probably time to call it a day but I’m more than impressed to have had three weeks of lovely blooms from this bunch, so I think my vase of roses have definitely Won the Week for me 🙂

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