Wishful Thinking…

Wishful Thinking…
 I can always do more than I think
 If I push myself right to the brink
 Face my fears day by day
 Trust I’ll find my own way
 Hold my head up and hope I don’t sink...

Fifty Seven and Counting

 My fifty-seventh birthday is today
 I just can’t help but ponder growing old
 Retirement is one short decade away
 I picture what my future life might hold
 Imagining myself in years to come
 No longer working for my daily crust
 I’ll potter in my garden just for fun
 And spare some time for housework if I must
 But hopefully my hobbies will expand
 To fill my days with things I love to do
 Creatively I’ll find my promised land
 Artistically I’ll flourish through and through
 I look ahead to far horizons clear
 A distant ageing world that holds no fear… 

Breathing Space

Think it’s time that my blog took a rest

Gave me breathing space, that would be best

Just a short blogging break

For my sanity’s sake

Till I’m not feeling quite so depressed…