Idle Time

Idle Time…

Choose to idle away many hours
Sitting out in my garden of flowers
It’s my own time to waste
Any guilt is erased
As I soak up each plant’s healing powers

I enjoy not just colour but scent
As I savour the time that is spent
In the fresh airy breeze
Doing just as I please
Sitting quietly, smiling, content…

Weekly Prompt: Waste

PS The image is a photograph of a page of a little book titled ‘Self-Care: How to live mindfully and look after yourself’ by Claire Chamberlain 🙂

Scottish Soup: A Sonnet

My Scottish senses love the cooking smell
Of soup that starts with deeply smoked ham hock
Boiled up with split red lentils, seasoned well
Traditional good food from fresh-made stock

Or leek and tatties make the perfect base
With chicken bouillon, carrots, onions too
Add herbs and salt and pepper judged to taste
A little milk to finish – that’ll do!

Pearl barley thickens broth like fattened rice
With cheap-cut beef and root veg simmered low
Soup fills you up at such a decent price
Well-blended flavours make your tastebuds glow

A bowl of love with thick-sliced bread to eat
Now that’s a hearty dinner hard to beat ❤

I know I never seem able to get the hang of writing really Terrible Poetry, but I’m joining in anyway cos I really love this week’s prompt of a sonnet written about soup – what fun! 🙂

Beginnings and Endings

Life’s equation for change to begin
Something else must end, yang to its yin
Forfeit sadness and pain
For the joy of new gain
Hope the journey flows easy within
When such change is a choice, we embrace
New beginnings slide sweetly in place
We move on, feel no lack,
Look ahead, don’t look back
Feel the flush of new warmth on our face
But when changes are foisted in fear
We resist and we struggle, unclear
Focus hard on what’s lost
What has gone, what it cost
Feel the old life we know disappear
Such refusal is futile at source
Because change is a fixed constant force
Just accept and adapt
Release grief tightly wrapped
Let new ribbons of life run their course…

Weekly Prompt: Beginning

April A-Z: P is for Poetry

Poetic Thoughts…
In school we learned short poems off by heart
Recited them in front of everyone
With practiced voice I happily took part
The lure of poetry had now begun
I loved the way the words flowed out in rhyme
When spoken or heard silent in your head
Pentameter helped keep a measured time
Gave cadence to the way they must be read
In later years I favoured free verse style
Restrictive frameworks left out in the cold
But poems lost their way after a while
I missed those tight-knit rhythmic rules of old…
Now structured formats once more set clear pace
And syllables slot neatly into place… 🙂

Life events have conspired to pull me away from blogging over the last couple of months, and the idea of taking part in this year’s April Blogging from A-Z Challenge seems like a good way to try to get back into the habit of reading and posting regularly. Originally I thought of just using any old random words to go with the particular letter of the day, but realistically without a clear theme to work towards I’m not sure I’d be able to keep my focus for a full month… So instead I’ve opted for a relatively simple, if slightly self-indulgent work-around: This year I’ll be posting 26 things about me, nothing too taxing to write about yet still fulfilling the brief!


Embarrassment sears hot on my face
Skin throbbing bright in deep red flush
Awkwardness lit up in gaudy neon lights
Drawing attention like a burning beacon…

Skin throbbing bright in deep red flush
All eyes turn on my squirming discomfort
Drawing attention like a burning beacon
Highlighting my humiliated soul…

All eyes turn on my squirming discomfort
Awkwardness lit up in gaudy neon lights
Highlighting my humiliated soul
Embarrassment sears hot on my face…

It seems my lifelong fear of being not-good-enough will not let me write wilfully bad poetry… But I’ve never written a pantoum before so I thought I would give it a go anyway! 🙂

Terrible Poetry Contest: Embarrassment

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Visceral


Guess I’m one of life’s big over-thinkers
Spend my days wearing worry-shaped blinkers
My anxiety grows
More than anyone knows
Every problem expands and just lingers

Wish I knew how to not be so stressed
Keep my monkey-mind brain less obsessed
I’d enjoy life much more
Feeling calm at my core
Not so fearful and not so depressed

But for now I’m still stuck with my thoughts
Over-anxious and vaguely distraught
Wish I worried much less
Would be good, I confess
To feel peaceful and not overwrought…

Weekly Prompt: Overthink

Jane Austen’s Heroines

With perfect language, carefully polite
Jane Austen’s heroines all hold their own
Societal conventions bind them tight –
Behave as ought or reputation’s flown.
In modest clothing, virginal, demure
Sweet innocence, with countenance so chaste
Correctly dressed they sit, erect and pure
All model females of the human race.
But underneath blood flows through passioned veins
Romantic love remains their heart’s desire
They will not settle for a lesser gain
Good friendships set their marriage beds on fire…
With sweaty limbs entwined in crumpled sheets
Jane Austen’s heroines find life complete…

The inspiration for this poem came from Chelsea Owens ‘Terrible Poetry Contest’ which this week asks for a sonnet about a period/ historical romance. However it seems I find it too difficult to deliberately write a bad poem – I mean, my poems might be bad, but I don’t think they are truly terrible in the way Chelsea wants them to be! Still, inspiration is inspiration, so there we go, and at least I tried… 🙂