The Sky’s the Limit

I’m not really a ‘sky’s the limit’ kind of girl. A ‘world’s your oyster’ believer in never-ending freedom or pushing yourself to do stuff just because it’s possible, whether its really in your long-term interests or not, whether you even want to do it or not.

Even Clint Eastwood as Harry Callahan in Magnum Force tells us that ‘A man’s gotta know his limitations’ and he’s right, we all need to know what we can and cannot do, should and should not do. We should not as a human race have been doing all the stuff to the natural environment that allowed Covid to produce and reproduce and mutate and maim and kill so indiscriminately across the world.

And the people in power in America should have known better than to allow that narcissistic nut-job in the White House to get away with deliberately pushing the boundaries of common sense and civility in order to create a call-to-arms with a hand-picked angry mob whipped into a frenzy by blatant lies and empty promises just because he’s a sore loser.

We watched them all being worked on, worked up, wound up tight en masse like clapping-monkey clockwork henchmen, watched Trump push them all in the direction he wanted them to go, then run away to hide in the safety of his Presidential bunker as he set them loose to run amok in self-righteous indignation and carry out his seditious insurrection on Capitol Hill.

So now it seems the sky’s the limit when it comes to political backtracking, too, the deafening sound of backwards-shuffling feet, denials and distancing and the holier-than-thou re-framing of fundamental facts amongst the Republican rabble-rousers. Even those whose silence condoned such behaviour are just as complicit as those who actively sought to undermine democracy with spurious objections to the electoral college votes based on illegal falsehoods not facts.

OK, so this wasn’t exactly where I intended to go with this post, but it’s where my Stream of Consciousness has taken me today so perhaps this is as good a place as any to stop…

Hands, Face, Space

To be honest I’m not a great Boris Johnson fan, particularly when he comes out with his population-alienating public schoolboy blustering fluff and guff stuff when standing on the pandemic podium, instead of being clear and concise in a no-nonsense everyday way like Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish First Minister.

I believe that many polls show that when it comes to leadership many people in the UK think that overall, Nicola has been doing a better job at handling the pandemic population-wise than Boris.

However, one noteworthy exception in that general skew towards Scotland generally managing coronavirus things better than England (in my opinion) is the UK Government strapline of ‘Hands, Face, Space’, It’s nice and easy to remember and is the perfect description of where we all need to remain most cautious when out and about – keeping our hands clean, covering our faces, and keeping our distance. Simple but effective.

But meanwhile Scotland’s somewhat unweildy acronym for their public safety campaign in this Covid pandemic is FACTS which stands for… wait a minute… just hang on while I look it up yet again… oh yes, there it is…

F for Face coverings

A for Avoid crowded places

C for Clean your hands regularly

T for Two metre distance

S for Self isolate and book a test if you have symptoms

It may be more comprehensive, but to my mind the fact that I have to look it up every single time makes it a less than useful public information message – so top marks for Boris on this one topic, and it’s back to the drawing board for you, Nicola πŸ™‚

Weekly Prompt: Noteworthy

Outcome Adjourned

For varying reasons, it seems a decision on the provisional outcome of the US Presidential election will necessarily be adjourned for another few days at least while ballot counting continues carefully in those last few remaining key battleground states where the count margins are narrow and every vote counts.

It does appear, though, that Joe Biden will win the Electoral College vote as well as the popular vote to become the next US President Elect. And thankfully Donald Trump can finally be relegated to a dusty shelf of history as the nepotistic narcissistic nutter who stirred up hatred and division across America for four dark and difficult years. Hopefully at the end of all the counting this time around it will become clear that the democratic process as well as the Democratic candidate won the day and that America can once more speak as ‘We the People’ instead of ‘Me the President’.

Thankfully along with the Presidency, Trump will also lose his proxy power to spout his pathetic propaganda and lies, so that his astonishing abuses of the platform of POTUS to date will now be rendered mute. His blustering bully-boy bark will be reduced to a whimpering whine as the world stops listening to him – stops having to listen to him rant and rave at whatever personal outrage he feels slighted by on any given day.

Keep counting, America, the rest of the world is rooting for you…

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Jour

WTF America?

Fandango’s Provocative Question this week asks:

What do you think about what happened in the United States yesterday? Are you shocked or surprised at the outcome, if it’s even known as you read this? Or are the results of the election what you expected? And finally, are you happy, or unhappy?

What can I say… Don’t even get me started… WTF America?

Trump being up to his usual stupid dirty tricks and throwing his toys out the pram in pathetic childish tantrums because not everyone wants to play with him the way he wants is pretty much as expected. Trump threatening to get the Supreme Court to stop vote counting in states where he’s already ahead but wanting the counting to continue in states where Biden is already ahead is laughable, but not unexpected. Right now he might get a second term, or he might not, but Trump is Trump and his arrogant bully-boy ignorance of due process, however distasteful, is not unexpected.

But what I’m shocked at, truly shocked at, and what I didn’t expect was the unbelievably high level of support Trump has been given from so many brain-washed Americans after four solid years of deliberately inciting hatred and division and pretty much single-handedly dismantling the last of America’s respected position across the world.

If Trump gets in again I wouldn’t be at all surprised if another all-out civil war may be on the cards, and America as we know it disappears. If Biden gets in, Trump and his Proud-Boys-on-stand-by will undoubtedly kick off big time and constant civil unrest will probably lead to a self-destructive gunfight at the OK Corral implosion, and again America as we know it disappears.

Over the last four years the world has seen a side – a truly nasty exposed fetid underbelly – of America we can’t now unsee. Trump’s America reminds me of George Orwell’s dystopian Animal Farm, where years after the animals rid themselves of the farmer in order to run the farm themselves, the pigs rise through the ranks to take over everyone else with the skewed principle that ‘All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others’. The pigs become so human in appearance and action it becomes difficult to differentiate.

Democracy feels directly under threat. America fought a War of Independence to rid themselves of British Rule, only to have the infamously autocratic King Donald behaving like an absolute monarch presiding over his pandemic-infected collateral-damage people only a couple of hundred years later. This preening narcissist loves himself bigly, we all knew that, but I’m seriously disappointed that so many others seem so unwaveringly under his spell and clearly love him bigly too…

So no, I guess you could say I’m not happy with the whole situation in America today, whatever the final outcome of yesterday’s election… Seriously, WTF America? 😦


‘When the legend becomes fact, print the legend’

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

Hmmm… The trick, of course, is becoming a real legend in the first place. And in my opinion Donald Trump, despite his overblown narcissistic self-belief and blatant best efforts to distort the truth, will definitely go down in history as more of a bell-end than a legend… πŸ™‚

One Liner Wednesday

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People

Believe erroneously that being ‘I the President’ matters more than serving ‘We the people’

Behave like an obnoxious dictator in a supposed democracy

Openly admire the alleged ‘strength’ of potential world enemies and scoff contemptuously at the apparent ‘weakness’ of previously proven global allies

Defy diplomacy and insult international institutions with myopic mockery

Insist on your clearly skewed version of events and postulate ‘alternative facts’ even when multiple media evidence and expertise available across the world shows you to be delusional in the extreme

Dismissively denounce and discredit anyone who disagrees with your ‘trumped up’ versions of reality as fake or phony

Behave like a racist, sexist bigot and be ignorantly proud of your incendiary racist, sexist bigoted behaviour

Take a lifetime of loser-ish narcissistic need to new levels of arrogant audacity

Use bullying, puffed-up posturing and pathetic Alpha-male swaggering to try to cover your laughably obvious-to-the-rest-of-us inferiority complex

Suggest seriously stupid stuff and think you are a very smart, very stable genius

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Alienate