Meconopsis Cambrica

This week’s Weekly Smile comes from waking up this morning to the first of the lovely yellow poppies growing in our garden deciding to start to flower.

These I believe are Meconopsis Cambrica (also known as Welsh poppies) and their sunny open smiles just made me smile too 😀

It’s so reassuring that nature is oblivious to coronavirus lockdown and is simply carrying on regardless, helping to keep us all sane in this increasingly crazy world…

Poppies in the Street

On my way to work this morning I walked past these deep orangey red tall poppies growing at the root of a tree set into the tarred pavement – they seemed to be waving at me in the early morning sunshine, so I stopped and tried to capture them on my smartphone camera – not the best focus, but it was really hard to see the screen so it was the best I could do 🙂

Taken on Cambridge Park Road, Wanstead, East London

Flower of the Day