Comfort Foods

I don’t always understand why comfort foods bring me such comfort, or why it is often the simplest and most bland flavours that hit the mark rather than the tastiest and most complex of confections… For me I love the creamy softness of macaroni cheese, the creamy buttery texture of beautifully smooth mashed potato, or the simplicity of a good vanilla dairy ice cream… Mmmm…!

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Understand


My Last Day on Earth…

What a surreal provocative question Fandango has come up with today – he asks:

What will your last day on earth be like?

Ideally I wouldn’t actually want to know it was to be my last day on earth, because that feels like it would put far too much pressure on me to get it just right and I’d risk messing it up somehow, somewhere along the line.

If I knew beforehand, I’d feel obliged to say I’d want to see absolutely everyone I love and spend some quality time with all of them before I go, but of course that’s a really stressful ask for only one day and as well as the sadness of saying goodbye there’s always the problem of the inevitable ongoing family tensions between different people getting in the way of things running smoothly enough for my liking.

So instead I think I’d hope that my last day on earth fell on a regular, random day I simply wasn’t working and had nothing pressing to do other than enjoy the nice weather kicking about in my beautiful garden, enjoy a lovely evening meal with my husband, and then after a lazy day of laughing and loving and living my life fully with a very private and understated passion, finally fall asleep in my warm cosy bed and just not ever wake up again…

Of course, taken another way the question might be asking about a last day on earth in the sense of moving to mars or something equally ‘out there’? So in that unlikely scenario (as someone who’s not generally a keen traveller), I’d make sure I’d packed my intergalactic passport along with enough universal currency to see me through my journey and a few days more just to be safe, make sure I’d put all my affairs in order well beforehand and tidied up a bit more than I might otherwise, then probably spend my last day pretty much as I’d indicated in the previous scenario… ❤

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Passion

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Surreal

New Crochet Hooks

When the mood takes me, usually in the colder winter months when gardening is literally out the window, I love to sit and crochet. But due to a touch of osteoarthritis in my fingers lately I’ve been finding it slightly more difficult to hold a standard crochet hook for too long so I’ve bought myself a new complete set with thicker, softer handles, perfect for dodgy ageing fingers! Now all I have to do is see what I can create with these lovely things… luckily I already have some spare yarn sitting around waiting to be used up 🙂

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Create

Simply Me

A candid selfie taken yesterday… bare face au naturel without any make-up, complete with wrinkles and double chin and noticeably crepe skin around my decollete … but it’s simply me, the real me at 58 years old, happy to be outside in the fresh air and sunshine, weeding in my back garden…

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Faces