Seagulls on the River

Seagulls wading in the shallows at the edge of the River Ness for this week’s Water Water Everywhere 🙂


Last on the Card: Dec 2022

A slightly fuzzy/ grainy image of the River Ness at night, taken with my phone from the middle of the Grieg Street footbridge as I was walking home from work in the rain the other night 🙂

PS I haven’t used my camera in a while so currently have nothing on my SD card to show!

Last on the Card

Water Colours

I’m not sure how much longer the Ness Bridge over the River Ness (that runs through the centre of Inverness) will be lit up with festive lights, so I went out for a walk last night to capture the last of the colours refelected in the fast-flowing water, using a long exposure to smooth out the ripples along the surface 🙂

Water Water Everywhere

River Lights

Lighting up the River Ness in Inverness – the lights on the bridge change regularly, creating a kind of light show of reflections along the fast-flowing river underneath, whereas the street lights along the river bank throw long fingers of light across the water from bank to bank 🙂


An atmospheric city skyline across the River Ness in Inverness, looking from Bridge Street over towards Huntly Street, taken tonight on my way home from the hospital after visiting dad.

There had been a beautiful orange sunset, and this moody, darkening pink and purple sky was all that remained by the time I reached the river 🙂

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Skyline

Early Morning Inverness

At this time of year it can still be slightly dark when I walk to work – this was taken the other morning on the footbridge crossing the River Ness. I love the semi-silhouette of the skyline, the greys and whites of the sky and water, and the different blacks of the buildings. Even in full colour there’s a calming monochrome quality to the view…

So I’m going to cheat and use my post for both today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday and this week’s Cee’s B&W Challenge 🙂

Near and Far

Near to where we live in Inverness is the Caledonian Canal – it’s about a five minute walk heading west from our front door. Alternatively, a ten minute walk heading east brings me to the River Ness. A pleasant half-hour walk heading north along the canal takes me to the Beauly Firth, while a half-hour walk heading south along either the canal or the river to the edge of town brings me to a narrow strip of land where I can easily see both the canal on one side of me and the river on the other. So luckily for me, in whichever direction I choose to walk when leaving our house, at least one body of water is never far away 🙂

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Near/ Far