Temperate Climate

We’re lucky to live in such a temperate climate here in the UK.

OK, so it means we never have really scorching hot summers or really freezing cold winters, and inevitably it means it rains a lot here, giving us every possible shade of grey clouds and a potential multitude of damp, dull, dismal days all year round.

But it also means we get to have beautiful lush greenery and gorgeous roses growing in our gardens, so all in all I have no complaints. 🙂

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Climate

In My Garden Today

It was never my intention to let my garden become so under-loved and over-grown this summer, but since I went back to work I’ve found it surprisingly hard to find days when (1) I’m off work, (2) I have nothing else important to do and (3) the weather is actually nice enough to give the garden the attention it deserves. So in honour of today’s shift-free sunshine, here are a few shots from my newly weeded, front garden flower beds taken this afternoon 🙂

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: ‘-tion’