Spring Daffodils

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Almost a Rainbow of Colour

I’ve been feeling a bit down lately, physically and emotionally, so spending time pottering around in my garden most days is proving to be one of life’s greatest pleasures for me at the moment.

In spite of some really intense weather for this time of the year – last week saw extended periods of pelting rain, intermittent hail, and even a sprinkling of snow – I’ve still succeeded in dodging the spring showers for long enough to get some weeding done, break a sweat digging out a few stubborn rhizome root-stalks that needed some serious excavation to remove, and of course cut the grass. The garden always looks so much more cared for with the grass cut, even though keeping the flower beds weed-free remains a constant work in progress!

Maybe not a huge amount achieved, granted, but with all the bad weather we’ve had so far this month it’s been enough to warrant a very welcome smile of satisfaction on my part. The plants certainly seem to have enjoyed the refreshing rain, and I’ve enjoyed photographing them too – this week I’ve almost achieved a rainbow of colours to share, with a little artistic license allowed as to the exact colour of the orangey-yellow meconopsis! 🙂

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Azalea Buds

It looks like my azaleas are finally coming into bloom – it’s been such a cold and frosty spring, we even had a couple of days of hailstone showers mid-week and woke on Wednesday to a smattering of snow on the ground. I wasn’t sure if the plants would survive such harsh weather so late in the year but thankfully both the red and the yellow bushes are still budding beautifully. Fingers crossed for a lovely show of flowers soon! 🙂

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May Daffodils

We’ve had a pretty cold April, and so far May’s not exactly hitting the high temperatures either – here in the North of Scotland we have potential snow forecast for midweek! However the chilly weather seems to have the spring daffodils hanging on for longer than usual, so that’s nice to see 🙂

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The Healing Power of Nature

Honestly, this week I’d have felt lost without having my precious garden to escape to. It’s helped give me a proper focal sense of purpose during my first full week of unemployment due to redundancy, an actual, practical physical space to spend time in welcome activity as well as providing me with an abstract emotional passive space to process how I feel about not having a job any more.

This week I’ve had ample sunshine and fresh air and feel-good exercise and a quiet, subtle reminder that whatever else this pandemic has put a stop to, nature has endured throughout. Over this past year of repressive Covid restrictions and devastations the seasons have turned as ever, from spring to summer to autumn to winter and now back to spring again. The world still turns on its axis, familiar and free, and life goes on regardless…

So for me, I’d have to say that the healing power of nature has won the week, helping to keep me smiling through an otherwise difficult few days 🙂

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