Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Tin


The humble tin plate has played such a big part in my life…

I was a Girl Guide for years, and absolutely loved camping across the Highlands of Scotland (where I grew up), sleeping in giggling groups in the old heavy green cotton canvas bell tents, cooking hearty meals on an open camp fire, eating on old-fashioned tin plates not unlike the one above (although my well-used original was much plainer – just white enamel with a dark blue rim) all sitting on the ground circled around the flickering embers.

This more modern version of my old tin plate gives a proud nod to those wonderful memories, with the cute overall pattern of black-face sheep a fun addition to my little blast-from-the-past treasured memory πŸ™‚

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Tin


Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Mean

I don’t mean to be so erratic with my blog posting. I always start out intending to post regularly, but somewhere along the line life gets in the way and sometimes my motivation drops, or I find myself with nothing to say or even worse – so much to say I’m rendered speechless and don’t even know where to begin!

Especially after a week like this week – USA mid-term elections and yet another mass shooting (California this time) and here in the UK we’re another step closer to our Government still NOT sorting out the Brex-shit situation. I feel mean and small and bitter that all I seem to do is moan and complain but it all feels so negative, negative, negative…

What does it all mean? The world feels a really scary place right now, I don’t trust the Trump administration’s twisting of the truth and deliberate loading of a dictatorship-style dice in their favour. And I don’t trust Theresa May anti-democratically riding rough-shod over parliamentary process in trying to force a dodgy deal through at all costs.

There are mean streets out there these days for all of us on both sides of the ocean, and it’s just so hard to feel poltically safe anywhere any more. There’s far too much hate and far too little love and way too much ‘othering’ of anyone not fitting a particular narrow elite view of what being ‘American’ or ‘British’ means.

OK, sending peace and love to everybody (admittedly it may be given to some more grudgingly than to others) because we all need to focus on what it means to be a part of humanity, looking for whatever shared hopes and desires make us similar instead of highlighting whatever hateful differences are perceived and believed as threatening…

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: MeanΒ 

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Point

Hmmm… I know before I even begin writing today that this is going to be a strange one, so many apologies in advance. Linda has asked us to pick up a book, open a page and point, and whatever is there on the page – word, phrase, or sentence – is what we write about.

The book I”ve been dipping in and out of for the longest time, and so is often close at hand for perusing now and again, is “Will I Ever Be Good Enough? Healing the Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers” by Karyl McBride. It’s my go-to bible when I get psychologically stuck in some dysfunctional treadmill of people-pleasing guilt-ridden angst. It reminds me that in many ways I am who I have learned to be – and if I’ve learned it, I tell myself, I can unlearn it…

So anyway, I duly picked up the book, opened it randomly, and stuck my finger somewhere in the middle of the page – page 75, if you’re interested. The sentence I landed on reads “As a child, I was told this repeatedly.” And it reminded me forcefully of the fundamental fact that words do matter – if you hear something repeated often enough and loudly enough, you start to believe it, however unfair and untrue it may be.

And so it is politically, with out-and-out lies being told both here in the UK and in the US. Both countries are in a bit of an unholy mess just now, but our embarrassing bumbling Brexit shenannigans have been overshadowed slightly by the frenetic fantasy furore created by Fuckwit 45 rallying his blustering base and firing up further fear and hatred across the already bifurcated nation that is currently the Disunited States of America.

Words are powerful beyond measure, they inform our lives from cradle to grave. Words shape our opinions, our beliefs, our very sense of self. Words enable us to make sense of the world (or not), tell our own story, create our own little bubble of reality. But sadly not everyone’s perceived reality is based in fact – and neither is every nation’s perspective of itself necessarily on par with how the rest of the world sees it.

Britain may well be in the throes of a messy divorce from the European Union, but America seems determined to divorce itself from the entire world, and split itself in two across an arbitrary colour spectrum of red and blue while it’s at it. Another Civil War, anyone? Or maybe even World War Three, if you piss off enough people across the globe? I mean, if you deliberately strike a match to light a fuse, don’t be surprised if eventually, something huge and outside of your control explodes unpredictably at the other end…

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Point Β  Β 

From OMG to WTF!

I make no bones about it, I am absolutely sick to death of yelling countless profanities and howling like a banshee at the TV screen whenever the news is on – and although I’m British, my husband is American by birth so that includes both UK and US news and so provides me with double the drama, like it or not… aarrgghh…! πŸ™‚

Anyway, I’m seriously pissed off at what passes for political debate in both our so-called democratic countries these days – I mean, the days of lies, damned lies and statistics would be a breath of fresh air compared to today’s lies, outrageous lies and not even a passing nod towards good-old honest analytical manipulation to confuse our brains! And any genuine attempt at proper factual analysis (particularly by the media) is loudly disputed, dismissed as fake news and effectively knocked for six in some kind of privileged-power-play – and that’s just not cricket , is it?

Politics should neither be a grandiose Victorian-British-Empire-fuelled parlour game like a stab-in-the-dark fusion of pinning-the-tail-on-the-Brexit-donkey while playing blind-man’s-buff with your braying parliamentary pals, nor the farcical social-media driven frenzy of a reality-TV-style competition for ratings where a privileged few elite participants elevated into a closed-minded circle-jerk club win big time while the much-maligned myriad majority on the outside lose everything that matters to humanity on the precocious whim of a self-styled ‘stable genius’ millionaire.

Running a democratic country within a global world economy is not about creating an antagonistic binary opposition that allows you to divide and rule, fostering foreign feelings of them and us, hiking the horrendous differences between the haves and have nots. Surely it should be more about working together as a galvanised group of open-minded and compassionate individuals towards the greater good of the people as a whole, regardless of your (or their) political viewpoint. Not just some of the people (usually the richest, who in a hierarchical societal structure inevitable have the most clout) but everyone – including your cleaner, your cook, your gardener and your nanny.

OK, so rant over. Sorry my stream of consciousness ran away with me today. But this kind of never-ending nightmarish nonsense is why over the last few years I’ve found myself going from occasionally muttering a disparaging ‘OMG, seriously? You’re having a laugh…’ to daily yelling a desperate ‘WTF is WRONG with people these days, where did all this vitriolic violence and hate come from?’ to the poor TV screen, day in, day out…

No wonder I’m bloody depressed, it feels to me like the whole world is going to hell in a handcart, while we all sit here watching, powerless to do anything except vote… so what are we all waiting for? If we don’t like it, start to change it the very next chance we get… inform yourself of the facts – ALL the facts, good and bad – ignore the bullshit and bite the bullet, because done right, that’s the power of democracy… πŸ™‚

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Bone

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: A Nail-Biting Finish

Can you believe I’ve actually managed to grow my nails at last? Woo-hoo!

I’ve been a prolific nail-biter since my teens – I don’t ever deliberately mean to bite my nails but suddenly there they are (or rather, there they aren’t), all absent-mindedly nibbled away. Anyway, I decided a month ago that I was truly fed-up always biting my nails, as it was an awful habit I knew I badly needed to get away from.

So I just stopped. Noticed myself bringing fingers to mouth, nails to teeth, and withdrew them every time I noticed that involuntary action. I was surprised at just how many times in a day I had to correct myself, no wonder I never had any nails left! But in a month of frustrating yet fruitful vigilance I find already have proper nails growing, neatly filed and shaped and healthy, and I’m delighted with my efforts.

Except I had no idea how much proper nails need to be considered in everyday life. They always grow so always need filed. Stuff gets under them all the time and gets stuck there, so I constantly need to scrub at them with a nail-brush and also use a nail file under the tips to clear any detritis and debris. And sometimes one nail breaks while completing some necessary task or other, so I have to file it down and then file all the rest to match.

And I bought some clear nail varnish to wear, to reward myself for not biting my nails any more and to remind myself not to bite them any more in the future. But as soon as I do anything remotely manual, it chips and peels and looks scruffy, so I have to take it off and start again… Grrr… Overall I’m learning that nice nails take a lot of work, but also that it’s definitely worth it.

So can I stop biting my nails for good? You bet I can! πŸ™‚

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Can

Random Everyday Stuff…

time wounds all heels

The play of words on the sign on this traditional shoe repair stall caught my eye while I was walking through a Victorian shopping arcade next to Liverpool Street Station in London – the older shoe repair guy caught my eye as I took the shot and gave me a little wave. The sign said ‘Time wounds all heels’ – ha!

It’s funny the way random everyday stuff often attracts my attention while so many other people just walk on by not noticing. As well as the sign I really liked the moody effect of the dull dark green painted surround juxtaposed against the brightly lit strip inside the booth.

And I also liked the way the customer in the red socks is sitting waiting for his work shoes to be re-soled or whatever during his lunch break. Perhaps it’s more of an inaction shot than an action shot – and I guess he’ll definitely be classed as a ‘well-heeled’ customer once he gets his shoes back! πŸ™‚

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: ‘dom’

A Musical Twofer from the 1980s

A Musical Twofer (two-for-the-price-of-one) from the UK musical charts in the 1980s – Adam and the Ants with ‘Stand and Deliver’ brought to mind by Fandango’s One Word Prompt: Highway (Adam Ant is being a Highwayman in the video)

and Dead or Alive with ‘You Spin Me Round (like a record)’ that springs to mind for Linda’s prompt Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Round.

Hope you enjoyed this double blast from the past! πŸ™‚