Underground, Overground…

It’s been two years since we moved out of Leytonstone in East London, back to Inverness in the North of Scotland. Lock-downs aside, life is certainly very different here. Taking the train in London – generally hot, smelly, and crammed in like sardines whether on the Overground or Underground – was pretty much an everyday occurrence for me as this was by far the quickest way to commute. Yet the last time I was actually on a train of any kind was the day we travelled from one end of the country to the other, city to city, to start our new, quieter life in what feels like a completely different world.

Over the years I’ve probably got about a gazillion images involving trains in my archive – tube trains, sleeper trains, train stations, train tracks, views from trains – but these few pics I took from my WordPress media library to share again today, a snapshot memory of train travel in London. And you’ve no idea how long it took me to capture the empty tube station shots – it’s a case of choosing a relatively quiet time (where there’s more than a minute between each train) and finding the sweet spot between passengers loading and unloading… You only get seconds to press the shutter, if you’re lucky! 🙂

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Train


Urban Transport

Nancy’s Photo a Week Challenge this week has the theme of ‘urban’ – and for me, London’s Underground trains are as urban as you get. Luckily for me I found myself travelling out of town aganst the rush-hour traffic last Thursday morning, flowing outwards towards freedom instead of funneling myself with fathomless futility into the crushing confines of the train carriage. Anyway, to my surprise and delight I managed to capture some reasonably clear-of-commuters-playing-sardines shots on my smartphone, from both outside and inside of a tube train 🙂

Onwards and Upwards…


I was really pleased to capture the smooth shapes created by the lines and curves of this dynamic shot as I was coming up the escalator in Canada Water Station towards the exit the other day. And although taken in colour, it almost looks monochrome by design. I was hoping for a sharp, slick image but sadly on downloading it to my laptop I can see it’s either not properly focussed or I’ve got camera shake – or maybe both…

I’m not always very good at capturing things on the move, especially like here when I’m the one on the move in difficult lighting, without something going wrong and ending up with a slightly blurry or fuzzy photograph. I can often see what I want to take, but don’t always manage to translate that immediate vision into reality in time… oh well 😦

Still, I like the image enough to share with you all, so hopefully you like it too? Onwards and upwards, and hopefully the more I try, the better I’ll get 🙂

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Arch, Dome,or Half Circle

The beautifully arched barrel-vaulted ceiling over the central concourse of Gants Hill Underground Station – Eastbound trains depart from the platform just beyond the columns on the left, Westbound trains on the right.

The space-age looking circular wheel of ceiling lights above Redbridge Underground Station’s circular ticket office.

The softly-curved arch of the ceiling leading to the escalators and way out at Wanstead Underground Station.

All three stations sit one after the other in quick succession on the Central Line of London’s Underground system 🙂

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge