Corner Shops Big and Small

The Victorians seem to have been big on building local corner shops into the fabric of their terraced housing, where the entrance is set into the cut-off corner itself, on a diagonal to the rest of the walls – we actually live in a flat where the original building was once a Victorian corner shop plus accommodation (converted to three individual flats in the 1980’s) 🙂


Plane, Train, Automobile… Just!

I was really chuffed that I managed to capture a plane, a train, and more than one automobile in this shot – but on getting home I realised the plane looks no more than a tiny white speck in the sky, at the very top of the image about half way across. But a plane it is, nevertheless! 🙂

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Manage

Urban Transport

Nancy’s Photo a Week Challenge this week has the theme of ‘urban’ – and for me, London’s Underground trains are as urban as you get. Luckily for me I found myself travelling out of town aganst the rush-hour traffic last Thursday morning, flowing outwards towards freedom instead of funneling myself with fathomless futility into the crushing confines of the train carriage. Anyway, to my surprise and delight I managed to capture some reasonably clear-of-commuters-playing-sardines shots on my smartphone, from both outside and inside of a tube train 🙂