Random Everyday Stuff…

time wounds all heels

The play of words on the sign on this traditional shoe repair stall caught my eye while I was walking through a Victorian shopping arcade next to Liverpool Street Station in London – the older shoe repair guy caught my eye as I took the shot and gave me a little wave. The sign said ‘Time wounds all heels’ – ha!

It’s funny the way random everyday stuff often attracts my attention while so many other people just walk on by not noticing. As well as the sign I really liked the moody effect of the dull dark green painted surround juxtaposed against the brightly lit strip inside the booth.

And I also liked the way the customer in the red socks is sitting waiting for his work shoes to be re-soled or whatever during his lunch break. Perhaps it’s more of an inaction shot than an action shot – and I guess he’ll definitely be classed as a ‘well-heeled’ customer once he gets his shoes back! 🙂

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: ‘dom’

Urban Geometry in Monochrome

I’ve not been out and about with my camera much these last few months, so I’m trying to make more of an effort to find myself something different to photograph, to try to see the world around me through a more creative eye and capture everyday images of Leytonstone where I live, explore those behind-the-scenes back streets sitting off the main road and record for posterity whatever I find interesting 🙂