Seagulls on the River

Seagulls wading in the shallows at the edge of the River Ness for this week’s Water Water Everywhere 🙂


On the Bayou

The beautiful views along the bayou in Pierre Part, Louisiana, where my husband’s family live and where we’ve been visiting for the last couple of weeks 🙂

Washing Up Water

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week asks for something you make use of every day, so I wanted to find something a bit different…

This is my un-emptied kitchen sink washing up water sitting in a grey plastic basin, surface vibrating gently as the washing machine underneath the counter was building up to its fast spin. I grabbed my phone and captured the shapes made, and was really happy with the effect!

Definitely something I use every day – well, not the same water, obviously, but the basin remains the same 🙂

April A-Z: N is for Nature

I’ve always loved spending time in nature, I grew up in the Scottish countryside along the East Coast from Aberdeen to Inverness, and we moved back to Inverness from London two and a half years ago.

It generally rains a lot here, so outdoors our foliage is usually green and lush pretty much all year round. My ideal gardening style is creatively informal and abundant, I love the idea of having seasonal plants filling up the flower beds all year round and in the summer I enjoy the feeling of soft grass cool and ticklish beneath my bare feet. I like to have potted greenery dotted around the house too, somehow bringing a little bit of nature inside my home always helps me feel grounded… ❤

Life events have conspired to pull me away from blogging over the last couple of months, and the idea of taking part in this year’s April Blogging from A-Z Challenge seems like a good way to try to get back into the habit of reading and posting regularly. Originally I thought of just using any old random words to go with the particular letter of the day, but realistically without a clear theme to work towards I’m not sure I’d be able to keep my focus for a full month… So instead I’ve opted for a relatively simple, if slightly self-indulgent work-around: This year I’ll be posting 26 things about me, nothing too taxing to write about yet still fulfilling the brief!

Bottoms Up

It’s been such a long time since I participated in Trent’s Weekly Smile, and even though I’m finding life a bit of a struggle emotionally just now I do feel bad about not finding something to smile about each week, even just a small something…

So for the first weekly smile of this new year, here is a swan looking a lot less elegant than usual but having a lot of fun doing an impromptu Esther Williams impression just for me – its bottom bobbing in the air as the rest of it turned in an ungainly circle under the water certainly made me smile! 🙂