Birthday Cactus

Not long after we moved in to our house (mid-October this year) I bought a couple of small Christmas cactuses – I’d really missed having indoor plants at home – and amazingly this morning both have opened their flowers for the first time, in perfect time for my 56th birthday today!

The sun is shining, the weather is mild, and just for the moment the world feels a truly wonderful place to be in 🙂

Weekly Smile

Flower of the Day

Standing and Stepping

Who Won the Week for me this week has to be my youngest granddaughter Lily, who at ten and a half months has not only recently mastered the art of standing unsupported on her own two feet, but also today has taken her first few tentative steps unaided.

And Lily reaching her new developmental milestone has certainly give us something wonderful to smile about in our family this week 🙂

Rural Living

This week’s smile from me comes from really enjoying the somewhat slower pace of life out here in the Scottish countryside, from once again having the time to appreciate the natural beauty and variety of plants growing in the grass verges at the side of the road, and the satisfying sight of newly baled straw after a successful harvest 🙂

Weekly Smile

Scottish Summer Sea

Experiencing the usual combination of warming sun and chilly wind and showery rain all together clamouring for attention on the same blustery summer day can only mean that I’m definitely back in Scotland – a bracing walk along the pebble beach between Fort George and Ardersier this afternoon left me pink-cheeked, tousle-haired and smiling at the sheer magnificence of the ever-changing weather. It certainly feels good to be home again 🙂

Weekly Smile

Magical City Colouring Book

My husband picked me up a Lizzie Mary Cullen ‘Magical City’ colouring book for next to nothing in a charity shop the other day, with only three out of 70 designs lightly coloured in by the previous owner. I’d never thought about colouring in city-scapes before, but I’ve made a start on going over the three half-heartedly-done (by my standards) designs in my own rather more heavy-handed style.

I’d already finished re-colouring the first one (of London’s Baker Street) before I realised I should probably have taken a picture of it before I began, as well as after… Oh well… Oops! At least I took pics of the other two to compare…

Anyway, here is a little gallery of the book cover as well as my before and after colouring in shots (minus the one I forgot). It turns out I’m really happy with my second-hand colouring in as well as with my otherwise pristine second hand colouring in book – definitely something creative to smile about this week, and for the month ahead at least! 🙂

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