Magical City Colouring Book

My husband picked me up a Lizzie Mary Cullen ‘Magical City’ colouring book for next to nothing in a charity shop the other day, with only three out of 70 designs lightly coloured in by the previous owner. I’d never thought about colouring in city-scapes before, but I’ve made a start on going over the three half-heartedly-done (by my standards) designs in my own rather more heavy-handed style.

I’d already finished re-colouring the first one (of London’s Baker Street) before I realised I should probably have taken a picture of it before I began, as well as after… Oh well… Oops! At least I took pics of the other two to compare…

Anyway, here is a little gallery of the book cover as well as my before and after colouring in shots (minus the one I forgot). It turns out I’m really happy with my second-hand colouring in as well as with my otherwise pristine second hand colouring in book – definitely something creative to smile about this week, and for the month ahead at least! 🙂

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Borough Market: Fresh Fruit & Veg

An absolute abundance of colourful fresh fruit and veg from Borough Market, South London – and I defy anyone not to smile at the delicious juicy promise of those gloriously shiny, plump tomatoes – yum! 🙂

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Hearts on a Brick Wall

I found these lovingly created colourful hearts painted onto the full height of a supporting brick wall under a dark railway bridge at Borough Market in London – they just brighten up an otherwise dead and boring space, brought a huge smile to my face and seemed to privide the perfect backdrop for taking selfies 🙂

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Today was the first in what feels like forever that neither my husband nor I had the news on. It’s Bank Holiday Monday, neither of us are working and we’re both thoroughly sick fed up with nothing but Brexit, Trump, violent weather storms and violent mass shootings on the news. So we decided to switch off from it all, and spent a relaxing morning and much of the afternoon completely out of the media loop, enjoying the break from all that sickening stressy stuff.

Anyway, not too long ago I picked up my laptop to surf a little bit before making dinner, only to find out – from a blogger in America, would you believe – that Harry and Meghan have had their baby boy today and the news has been full of excitement and happiness instead of endless negativity and heartache. And I completely missed it!

The birth of a new baby is always lovely to hear about, so it’s been so nice to have something good happen in the news at last. Sending huge congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on the birth of their beautiful son, and thank you both so much for giving me something positively perfect to smile about today 🙂

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Beautiful Bluebells: Spring 2019

To have such spectacular wildflowers growing so comfortably within a big city is often a surprise to many people, residents and visitors alike, but here are this year’s beautiful bluebells flowering in Chalet Wood, Wanstead Park, East London. Some years they come slightly earlier, and some years they come a bit later, but their breath-taking abundance every spring never fails to make me smile 🙂

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Weekly Smile: Noticing Nature

Out for a walk on Wanstead Flats earlier on today, I saw in amongst all the usual greeny brown trees a bush completely covered in what from afar looked like orangey red berries. Intrigued, I went closer to have a look and found to my surprise they weren’t berries, but tiny flowers! A few minutes later I noticed another flash of orange amongst the green of the grass, so explored further to see if this was another flower, but was delighted to see instead this butterfly sunning itself – I got quite close too, to take my picture, before it flew away. And then on the way home I took the shot of the ferns in the grass just because the little nuances of shape and colour of all the different fronds pulled me in. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and I smiled at the thought of living in London yet having such an abundance of nature right on my doorstep – some days it just feels good to be alive ❤

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